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Are you pregnant with twins? Read helpful articles, stories and advice on what to expect and how best to prepare for twins. As a mother of two sets of twins my first hand experience is here to help guide you along your twin adventure from birth and beyond.

Parenting Twins

Parenting twins is rewarding and fun, but it does take additional resources and help. We share our own experiences, tips and advice including essential and practical products which are clever and innovative and in many instances become your best friend as a parent of twins.

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Our Story And Why I Started Twins Tips…

mother of two sets of twins

Hi, I am a Mother of Twins twice over. Our fraternal girl/boy twins were born in 2002 and our identical twins were born in 2007.

This website was initially created a few years back to share my experience, my husband's experience and indeed our family experience of having twins. It's a few years old now but despite new technology, new baby gadgets and all the other noise of different parenting advice that often disrupts the natural instincts of parents, the basics of being a twin parent remain the same - you'll always wish you had an extra pair of hands!

It is a challenge and finding practical solutions to managing two babies/toddlers will take up most of your time.

There are additional strains imposed on families of multiples often financial ones and there can be complex twin relationships to negotiate.

There are different factors and decisions to be made when you have twins, different from the ones you would normally make for a singleton. These might include should you keep them together or separate them for sleeping, napping, schooling and just about anything else you might imagine or not.

There's the whole to natural birth or not to natural birth debate as well as the can I manage to breastfeed pressure.

There are the implications it will have for the whole family particularly any existing siblings for twins do take up a lot of precious mummy and daddy time.

Even the way your family work may be influenced as Twin Dad will find himself needed more than perhaps if it were just one baby arrival.

Nonetheless, it is a magical journey one that is unique to you.

For me, I wouldn't have missed or swapped for anything else and I wish you well on your own beautiful twin parenting journey.

I also blog at which continues to share our own home-educating lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the site.