How To Get Twins To Sleep

How To Get Twins To Sleep is really a question of trial and error and see what works for you and your twins.  It’s not that twins don’t sleep, they do but it can be difficult to get them to sleep at the same time.  Some twins prefer to co-sleep and others are better separated.  Initially both twins are going to be spending a lot of time in the bed with mum and dad for feeding.

The most common complaint from twin parents is the lack of sleep that comes with newborn twins.  As a Mother of Two Sets of Twins I can confirm it is a real issue.    At first a routine with newborn twins is out of the questions as you concentrate on just getting through each day and night with the relentless feeding schedules.  The focus in the beginning for parents of twins has to be getting as much sleep as possible just to cope with the day ahead.

Co-sleeping with your twins may be the best solution while they are on the relentless feeding schedule.  Purchasing a co-sleeper cot is worth considering.  The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper as shown below can be used for twins by positioning both babies horizontally across the cot.

Once your twins get bigger and feeding demands become less frantic it is good to start to schedule your babies so that they both feed and sleep at the same time.   This will prepare for a good bedtime routine later on when your twins become toddler aged and beyond.

You may find that you have one calmer twin at bedtime and one who cries or you may find that they both cry.  Make sure your calm twin is happy enough to settle and tend to the twin who is crying.  Of course, in theory this sounds good but in practice it can be a lot different.  If you are faced with two screaming babies at bedtime and you have made sure they are fed and dry then it is likely they are just in need of comfort. You can try singing; humming or speaking softly to them whilst they are in their cots and see if that helps to settle them.  It may help if you can place a hand on each of your twins tummies so they know you are there whilst they calm down.  This can be tricky if your twins are in separate cots and they are not positioned near one another.

I tried all of the above but sometimes there is very little you can do (particularly if you are alone at the twins bedtime) but to have a place where all three of you can snuggle down together.  This does in many ways make a rod for your own back so the saying goes; but for twin parents it’s more about getting enough sleep initially to cope rather than being deprived any more than is already the case.

There are no right or wrong ways to manage with your twins and their routines particularly their feeding and sleeping patterns, you have to do what is right for your circumstances which vary from family to family.

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