Interview With Twins

There is information and advice to be found relating to being pregnant with twins and raising twins but sometimes the best information comes from the twins themselves! I thought it would be a useful insight to parents of twins and their families and friends to hear what the twins have got to say for themselves on the subject so here is an interview with twins, our twins.

These were some basic questions we asked our fraternal twins when they were just 7.

What’s it like being a twin?

Boy: “OK, a bit bad because she is sometimes naughty to me”

Girl: “It’s a bit nice because you get to play with your brother or sister”

Do you like having a twin?

Boy: “Not that much”

Girl: “Yes”

What does it mean to be a fraternal twin?

Boy: “Am I a fraternal twin?”

Girl: “What does that mean?”

Do you like the same things?

Boy: “No because she likes colouring in and I like Match Attax”

Girl: “No”

Do you like spending time apart or going out without your twin?

Boy: “Yes I do because its fun without her”

Girl: “Yes I do, because he can be annoying”

Do you like attending the same school and being in the same class?

Boy: “Yes because she is funny.”

Girl: “Yes, It’s better to be with him because he is better at school than I am about everything but not animals and nature.”

Do you have the same friends?

Boy: “No”

Girl: “Just some of them.”

Do your friends realise you are twins?

Boy: “Some of them do except Harvey”

Girl: “Yes”

Do you prefer to have one birthday cake or two?

Boy: “I would prefer a separate cake.”

Girl: “One each”

How do you feel about no longer sharing a bedroom?

Boy: “Good because I don’t like to be disturbed sometimes”

Girl: “I feel quite happy, because he is annoying sometimes”

Is your twin better at something’s than you?

Boy: “Yes, she knows more about animals and insects and I know more about maths.”

Girl: “Yes, numbers and adding up and taking away.  I am better at nature, animals, art and crafts and making up stories.”

What do you like about being a twin?

Boy: “Nothing”

Girl: “Its fun because you have someone to play with.”

What don’t you like about being a twin?

Boy: “Having to play with her when she only plays her games”

Girl: “Sometimes he is annoying and sometimes my baby sisters are annoying.”

Would you like to have twins when you grow up?

Boy: “No, because I would have to change their nappies.”

Girl: “No, I don’t want any babies at all.”

What do you like most about your twin brother/sister?

Boy: “She’s funny.”

Girl: “He’s funny and sometimes generous.”

What do you like the least?

Boy: “She aggravates me and teases me.”

Girl: “He is mean, and blames things on me and mostly he whacks me and makes me jealous of him.”

What do you think it would be like if you didn’t have your twin and you only had regular brothers and sisters?

Boy: “Sad.”

Girl: “I’d be sad.”