How To Bath Twins

Bathing your Twins

How to Bath Twins is a popular question and in my experience of having had two sets of twins it can be rather tricky; it can also be plenty fun!  Safety is the biggest issue here.  How can I manage to bath two babies at the same time?  The answer is you can but the methods you adopt are likely to change as they get bigger.

There are a few options and your method will be dictated largely by the amount of floor space you have in your bathroom and whether or not you have another pair of hands to assist you.  There are stories of mothers bathing their twins on separate days but it’s not necessary you can manage in one go.

Method 1 – The Baby Bath

At first you may find it easier to bath them using a plastic baby bath in the room in which they sleep.  You can place the baby bath on the floor and easily fill it with water using a jug.  Emptying it is not as easy but still manageable.  You will need to have enough space to have two changing mats ready and you will need to have everything to hand.  Towels, baby bath, baby creams, baby powder, fresh nappies, cotton wool, sleep suits.

If the room is warm enough and this routine is particularly good during the summer months, undress both babies and leave them to kick and wriggle happily in the nude on their mats.  The mats will need to be in close proximity to the bath in any event so your babies should be secure in the knowledge that you are close by.  They will no doubt enjoy this practice anyway.  You can bath one baby while the other is hopefully happy on their mat.  Have the towel laid out ready on the mat to place the baby on, do your drying and dressing and then begin baby two.

Method 2 – The Main Bath

You could save your self the cost of a plastic bath and just use your family bath.  If you have the space in your bathroom, follow the same routine as with the baby bath routine.

Method 3 – Two at Once

If you have some assistance at bath time even if its just on the weekends, you could bath your babies at the same time.  Your twins will get a lot of enjoyment from sharing their bath.

If your babies are happy to be bathed – some love it – some don’t, you could consider purchasing two baby bath supports.  This will allow your hands to be free to bath your babies instead of supporting them.  There are some excellent ergonomically designed baby bath supports which make for a secure and comfy bath time. You will still need to follow the routine of drying and dressing one at a time so you will still need to utilise some floor space.

Method 4 – When your Babies Can Sit Up

When your twins are able to sit up right you can switch to the Baby Bath Chairs.  You can purchase two and continue to share bath times.   There are a couple of good brands available one being the Jane Foldable Fluid Bath Ring and the other which we used, the Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seats.

Jane Foldable Fluid Bath Ring

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat

Method 5 – Older Twins in the Family Bath

In my view the trickiest time for bathing can be when the twins become older babies. When they can crawl they are likely to be moving around the bath a lot more possibly trying to stand up.  When they can walk they are standing up and down in the bath despite your constant words of “be careful”, “sit down”, “go steady”….. Sometimes one pair of hands is never enough to keep them safe.

However, by this stage I am sure your twins will be so used to sharing their bath time that they won’t want to part from their bath mate now.  Perhaps you have older children who could get in the bath also and act as a support to one of the twins while you are free to wash the other.

You may decide to do the dressing in their bedroom and leave the bathroom at the earliest opportunity to avoid any accidents.  If you haven’t put a safety gate up already now is the time to do so.  Picture this, Twin 1 is out of the bath and dry and decides to wander off whilst you are getting Twin 2 out of the bath…………

Mother and Baby Sharing a Bath

One more point about bathing twins.  As a twin mum getting into the bath with your twins is something that is unlikely to happen too often.  You always hear stories of mum enjoying a bath with her newborn but with twins it’s just not that practical.  If you do get the opportunity to share a bath with your twins then do so.  Perhaps your partner/husband could pass you one baby at a time – it would be shame to miss out.

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