Twins Check List

It’s been a long and tiring twin pregnancy and you’re almost ready to meet your twins. Preparation for the big day is extremely important as time will be limited once your twins arrive. You need to be well equipped at home, fully stocked with essential baby supplies such as nappies/diapers and bottles plus of course you need your bags ready to go to the hospital at a moments notice.

Preparing for Twins Check list

Hospital Bag for Mum (and Dad) packed by 30 weeks pregnant

To include 2 nightdresses, 1 dressing gown, slippers, toiletries, sanitary pads, breast pads, breast pump, spare clothes such as a comfortable tracksuit.

Hospital Bag for Twins packed by 30 weeks pregnant

To include 4 vests, 4 baby grows, 2 Hats, 1 large pack of newborn or premature nappies/diapers, 1 pack of baby wipes, baby milk if necessary, 4 dummies/pacifiers, 4 blankets. Snacks, drinks, reading material, music or any other bits you have written down in your “flexible” birth plan!

Check with hospital to see if they supply milk and/or bottles.

Car Seats ready to bring your Twins home in.

Childcare in place for any existing siblings. Do you have the school runs covered?

Neonatal Unit/Special Care Baby Unit

Are you prepared for your babies to have a possible stay in the Neonatal Unit in the event of premature birth? Have you been to visit the Unit so you know what to expect?

Husband/Partner to make sure he has all the details of all those anxiously awaiting the good news.

Camera for those first precious snaps.

Twin Stroller/Buggy/Pushchair

Has your double buggy arrived? Is it up and assembled and ready for use?

Twins Sleeping Arrangements

Do you know where your twins will be sleeping both during the day and the night? Cots, cribs, Moses baskets etc including spare bedding and blankets.

Baby Essentials

To include, Steriliser, plenty of bottles if you are bottle feeding, baby formula, breast pump, breast storage bottles, breast feeding pillow, a good supply of Nappies/Diapers, Baby Wipes, Baby Vests and Baby Grows.

Feeding Mum & Dad and Siblings

Stock your freezer with easy meals or things that you can prepare in advance.

Lastly, Tea and Coffee for all those visitors but don’t forget to let them make it – you’ll have enough to do!