The Cost Of Having Twins

The cost of having twins both the financial implications of two new babies and the effects it will have on a family are often not realised until they have arrived and parents fully understand the time constraints that come with having Twins.

The initial cost of having twins prior to their birth is soon realised when you start to add together the price tags on the abundance of baby equipment available.  There may be expensive medical bills or medical insurance to pay out for depending upon where in the world you live.

Suffice to say, it can be a worrying time for many parents expecting twins particularly if your new twins aren’t your first children.  Adding another two to an existing family consisting of one child, two children or even more can mean even larger financial outlay for such items as bigger cars or even moving home.

The need for two parents to work to pay the bills, against the costs of childcare can present a financial dilemma and may not even be financially feasible.  But even if it were possible, the extra workload for a mother of twins plus a career could be an enormous challenge in itself particularly during those early months with sleepless nights and feeding demands.  A juggling act to try and strike a work/family balance could put extra stress on the whole family.  At the same time, managing on one salary with the extra costs of two new babies can be a daunting proposition.

There will of course be double the nappy bill so researching the choices between disposable and real nappies is a good idea.  There are pro’s and con’s for both choices.

The same applies for the milk bill.  If you breast feed, which many twin mums manage successfully, this will obviously be a huge cost saving.  Although, breast feeding twins is a personal choice and normally dictated by the family arrangement and how much support is available.

When your twins start to walk there will be double the shoe bill.  There will be double the clothing costs too.

Then of course as your twins get older there will be educational costs and considerations.  It is a good idea to start saving as early as possibly to reduce the strain later on particularly if they both are heading for further college education. Of course, this is often easier said than done with the increasing costs of daily life.

Good planning and some information from other twin parents who have already been through the various stages can be invaluable.

For example, twin parents will tell you that it isn’t necessary to purchase two of everything and will be able to advise on which products are worthwhile and useful when managing two babies and which aren’t.  Some things are just more practical with twins than others.

Recycling is good for the environment as well as a big cost saving so if you are offered hand-me-downs from friends and family grasp them with welcoming hands.  In particular, baby clothes are often just gently used before they grow out of them so it really isn’t always necessary to buy brand new.

Planning and buying in bulk when special offers appear is another way to save money.  If you are using disposable nappies these can be bought in advance as well as other baby products that you might use such us baby wipes, cotton wool, baby creams etc.  Also, don’t feel the need to buy premium brands just because.  Often the supermarket own brands or lesser known brands are just as good and more competitively priced.

When it comes to weaning, take a little more time and make your own purees and food for your baby; not only is home cooked food better for your little ones it is cheaper than buying the ready made jars.

As you can see there are many ways to reduce your outgoings with twins.  Take a look at some of the other pages on the site to find more tips with raising twins.

Dads of Twins