What to Expect During Twin Pregnancy

It is likely to have been somewhat of a surprise of shock to find out your having twins and it’s only natural that you’ll want to know what to expect during twin pregnancy? It can be a very overwhelming and anxious time or you may take it all in your stride.  Nevertheless, your life is about to change and pregnancy hormones can exaggerate the emotional roller coaster you may be about to ride.

It is worth considering that every pregnancy differs.  I have had two twin pregnancies both fraternal and identical and even though they were both twin pregnancies they had both common symptoms and different symptoms.

It is said that some of the symptoms and common problems of pregnancy may be worse in a twin pregnancy opposed to a singleton pregnancy.  Here’s a guideline of what you may experience at each trimester.

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms

First Trimester Twin Pregnancy

During early pregnancy nausea, vomiting, heartburn, shortness of breath, backache, ankle swelling, piles and varicose veins plus extreme fatigue can all be worse during a twin pregnancy.

For those of you who sail through the first part without morning sickness – you don’t know how lucky you are.  For the rest of us the first three months can be plain miserable just when you should be delighted you are pregnant.

Second Trimester Twin Pregnancy

Now this is the part in a singleton pregnancy where we women are supposed to “blossom” or at least start to feel a little better now the morning sickness eases of.  Some women report a surge of energy during this time.  However, with a twin pregnancy this surge of energy may not be so obvious due to the continuing extra demands on your body.  However, with any luck the nausea will have started to ease off at least assisting you with eating healthily and keeping your energy levels up.

Towards the end of this trimester, movement and flexibility may be proving difficult.  You will be carrying more weight and may feel exhausted by the end of the day.

Third Trimester Twin Pregnancy

So you are on the home run and almost ready to meet your new babies.  Energy is low; your body is really being pushed to its limits with the extra weight you are carrying.  Remember not all twins are low birth weights and even if they are, the combined weights plus the two placentas or one large placenta and amniotic fluids means you are still carrying far more than a singleton pregnancy.  You will be spending more and more time at the hospital for monitoring and scans.

My Own Experiences

With both of my twin pregnancies I experienced extreme nausea right from about 4 weeks pregnant.  You could say this qualifies as an early twin pregnancy sign for anyone reading the site and wondering if they are in fact carrying twins!

Preparing For Twins

Disclaimer: The information on this website does not constitute medical advice, it is for your reference only from my personal experience of delivering twins twice. Always seek professional and current advice from a registered medical practitioner.