Twins Developmental Milestones

It is important to remember that all babies including twins will develop at their own rate.   Likewise, twins won’t necessarily reach their milestones at exactly the same time, particularly fraternal twins who are genetically just like any other siblings.  Identical twins may have a more similar rate of development but still this doesn’t mean to say that they will walk and talk at the same time or in the same order.

One of the many questions asked by parents of twins is “Will our twins reach their milestones more slowly?”

If your baby twins were born prematurely they will often be referred to as having two ages.  One will be the day they were born and the other will be their adjusted age, which is the day they were actually due to be born.   The adjusted age is to help evaluate the development of a premature baby.   Generally a premature baby will catch up within two years but this is dependent upon just how small they were at birth

The important thing is try not to compare your twins too much.  Remember, just because they are twins doesn’t mean they are not individuals.  It is easier said than done but they will both reach their milestones when they are ready and sometimes personality and the natural interest or desire to do something will come into play. Below is a Guideline to Twins Developmental Milestones.  You can see a cross over in some months where some babies reach their milestones earlier than others.

1 Month

  • Lifts head
  • Responses to sounds
  • Likes looking at faces
  • Follows Objects
  • Can see black and white patterns
  • Smiles

2 Months

  • Gurgling and Cooing
  • Follows Objects
  • Holds Head up
  • Smiles, Laughs
  • Bears Weight on Legs

3 Months

  • Laughs
  • Holds Head Steady
  • Recognises your Face
  • Gurgles, Cooing and Squeals
  • Recognises your Voice
  • Mini Push-ups
  • Turns towards loud sounds
  • Roll Over
  • Bring Hands Together

4 Months

  • Holds Head Up Steadily
  • Bear Weight on Legs
  • Reaches for Objects
  • Grasp a Toy
  • Roll Over
  • Imitates Speech

5 Months

  • Can Distinguish between bold colours
  • Roll Over in both directions
  • Plays with Hands and Feet for Amusement
  • Identifies new sounds and turns towards them
  • Recognises own name
  • Possibility of Teething

6 Months

  • Turns head towards a sound
  • Imitates sounds and may use two syllable noises
  • Ready for solids, opens mouth for a spoon
  • May start lunging forward or crawling
  • Head is held up well
  • Sitting with minimal support
  • Can hold a bottle
  • Starting to copy facial expressions

7 Months Old

  • Likes to play peek-a-boo
  • Sits without support
  • Can feed themselves with finger food
  • Drags toys towards themselves
  • Starting to crawl
  • Starts to wave good-bye
  • Passes toy from one hand to the other

8 Months Old

  • Crawls
  • Learning to stand with support
  • May start pointing at objects
  • Turns head away when they have had enough food
  • Is hopefully sleeping through the night
  • Dropping objects and pushing things of the high chair, testing gravity
  • Has anxiety around strangers and when removed from a parent

9 Months Old

  • Looks for toys they have dropped
  • Forming word like sounds
  • Picks up tiny things using the thumb and finger
  • Likes banging objects together
  • Goes from tummy to sitting position
  • Beginning to recognize themselves in a mirror
  • Wants to grab the spoon during meal times
  • Stands while holding onto something and may start moving around the furniture

10 Months Old

  • Pulls to stand up
  • Understands the word ‘No’
  • Is now saying mum mum or dada
  • Points to things they want

11 Months Old

  • Claps hands
  • Stands unassisted for a couple seconds
  • Understands simple sentences and instructions like – come to mama

12 Months Old

  • Uses exclamations like ‘oh-oh’
  • Shakes head to communicate “NO”
  • Helps you to dress them by extending arms and legs
  • Finds hidden items
  • Begins to use items correctly like brushing hair
  • Likes to play with cupboard doors
  • Possibly walking and may start climbing
  • Pulls off socks
  • Will reject an item and push it away
  • Likes books and trying to turn pages
  • Can recognize themselves in the mirror



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